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feedback_lj's Journal

LJ Feedback
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

This community is for the posting of feedback for sell/trade communities such as the ones below. If you want to look up someone's feedback, do so in the memories section under the trader's username. You can also keep track of transactions and ask questions here.

All posts should at least include the following:
+ username: the person you are trading with
+ type of transaction: are you buying, selling, trading, etc. with this person?
+ type of feedback: do you think that, by your transaction, this user deserves a positive, negative, or neutral?
+ any comments: required if you are leaving a negative or a neutral feedback

For feedback, you MUST give the user either a positive, a negative, or a neutral transaction. You MAY NOT post false feedback about a user, or you will be banned. All negative feedback must be proven by the person leaving it (a detailed description, screenshots of e-mails, pictures, links etc.) and a user MAY reply to feedback left to them and explain themselves.

Selling or trading communities include:
___for___sale _fleamarket _wantlists auctiongirls bargains bazaar_o craftgrrltrade diymarketplace ebay_crafty fruitsyauctions garageforsale goblinmarkets ljswaps ramshackle sellstuff sellyourshit swapshop thebargainbin thriftstoreuk thriftho trade_stuff tshirtsurg_sale
If you would like your COMMUNITY (no selling journals, please) listed, let martedi know.